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Message from Oregon State Parks Trust

Dear Friends of Oregon State Parks:

We hope this newsletter finds you well, enjoying a peaceful winter season and daydreaming about which state parks you’ll visit this year.

2012 is off to a terrific start for Oregon State Parks Trust. As we embrace the exciting work of the new year, we are also taking time to reflect on 2011 – a year that was filled with connection, momentum, and inspiration.

We are pleased to share with you some of the highlights of our accomplishments – along with our enormous gratitude for the great community of volunteers, donors, foundations, organizations and businesses that believe in the unique opportunity we offer to support our magnificent state parks system. Click here to see who made it all possible.

2011 Highlights:

  • Completed Phase I of the “Fort Yamhill: Connecting Place & People” campaign, which raised $236,215 to restore and rebuild key elements of this important historical and cultural site.
  • Supported Let’s Go Camping by outfitting first-time campers with kingdom tents thanks to our friends at REI. This popular program introduces families to camping and outdoor recreation.
  • Initiated planning for Cottonwood Canyon State Park Education & Interpretive Center, which was recently designated by the Governor as an Oregon Solutions project. We look forward to playing a leadership role in this fund-raising effort.
  • Retained the Nonprofit Association of Oregon to assist the board of trustees in strategic planning.
  • Selected by the Harvard Business School Association of Oregon to participate in its Community Partners program.
  • Secured critical funding through partnerships with NW Natural’s Smart Energy program, The North Face, and EarthShare.

Our plan for 2012 is that it will be a year that exceeds all expectations. As you make philanthropic decisions in the months ahead, we hope you will consider making Oregon's state parklands a priority.

We hope you enjoy the following stories that inspire our work.

Warm regards,

Kristen Stram
Kristen Stram, Board Chair

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Featured Park: Valley of the Rogue State Park… Trail Now Open!

Valley of the Rogue State ParkThe trail at Valley of the Rogue officially opened June 4, 2011, State Parks Day. Now you can explore Valley of the Rogue State Park from one end to the other.

Bicyclists and walkers have a paved, 3½-mile trail stretching between the park’s east entrance and the west boundary. The 10-foot wide trail follows the Rogue River most of the way. Eventually, the trail will be the middle portion of the Rogue River Greenway trail, a proposed route between Central Point and Grants Pass. The Valley of the Rogue section is the longest segment completed.

Beyond the new trail, a pleasant green oasis awaits you in southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. Valley of the Rogue Park has both a day-use picnic area and an overnight campground along three miles of shoreline on the Rogue River. A meeting hall is available for camping groups. An easy, self-guided interpretive walking trail provides a relaxing 1.25 mile stroll along the river's edge.

Camp and play along the river made famous by novelist and avid fisherman Zane Grey. The campground is also a great place to stay while taking in the local culture, history, and recreation opportunities in the area. Stay with us while you take trips to Crater Lake National Park, the Oregon Caves National Monument, historic Jacksonville, Ashland's Shakespeare Festival, or the Britt Music Festival. The park is ideally located to give you all of this, plus friendly local shops, museums, and sights of interest. We are open all year and have Discovery Rates from October 1st through April 30th. The Rogue Valley awaits your arrival.

Featured Event: No tent? No sleeping bag? No problem! Let’s Go Camping 2012 schedule set.

Let's Go Camping!The Oregon State Parks Trust is proud to support the Let's Go Camping program. This year the program is expanding, and it is great to know of the families who have enjoyed participating.

Camping newbie? For just $20, your entire family can camp in an Oregon State Park.

All you bring is your food and clothes. We supply the tents, sleeping bags and skilled camping volunteers. Learn how to pitch a tent and build a campfire. Watch experts whip up a Dutch oven meal.

Visit Let’s Go Camping for more information. Call 1-888-953-7677 to register for a session

The events are co-sponsored by REI and The North Face.

June 15-17

June 22-24

June 29-July 1

July 6-8

July 13-15

July 20-22

July 27-29

Aug. 3-5

Aug. 10-12

Aug. 17-19

Aug. 24-26

Lets Go Camping at Silver Falls State Park (2011)

Do You Get Excited Watching Eagles?

Do You Get Excited Watching Eagles?If so, come to Lake Billy Chinook in Central Oregon! Breeding pairs of both bald and golden eagles live year-round in the land surrounding Lake Billy Chinook.

Eagles gathered in one area are called a convocation. Between January and March, migratory bald eagles from throughout North America join the permanent residents. The annual winter gathering of bald eagles is one of the largest in Oregon.

Special events were held there February 25-26, but the opportunity to view eagles in their habitat continues through March. So right now is a perfect time for the entire family to visit for this magnificent spectacle. PGE Round Butte Overlook Park is perched above Lake Billy Chinook, and is a great place for viewing as well.

Need Summer Planning Help?

Need summer help planning?Now is the time we start thinking about the arrival of spring and the coming summer. In our glorious state there is so much to do outdoors it can be hard to sort out, and hard to know what is happening far enough ahead to plan for.We have compiled some great resources to help you find great activities to keep you busy in the great outdoors. Here are three great links to keep handy as summer approaches!


KIDS! ...

Oregon Junior RangerWant to learn more about the plants and animals in your favorite park? Join a Junior Ranger program!

Most parks do their Junior Ranger games and crafts in the summer. They start around Memorial Day at the end of May, just before school gets out. Park Rangers and other people lead nature walks and other things on the weekends.

But you don't need to wait for a nature walk to work on getting stamps in your Junior Ranger Passport. There are a lot of things you can do on your own or with friends (or even with your family). When you get to a park, any time of year, look for things you can do to:

Jump to the Junior Ranger event schedule for more information!

GEICO RV Safety Tips


In order to stay safe on the road make sure to take precautions before you even begin your trip.

Realize your size. Many road mishaps occur because of an RV's additional size and weight. For instance, operators accidentally drive under an overpass without enough clearance because they forget about the additional height. Know your RV's height and keep it handy. Also know the clearances of the bridges and tunnels along your route - especially on back roads. A road atlas specifically for RVers or semi drivers can help.

Maintenance is important. An RV that's mechanically sound will be less apt to break down. Be meticulous about maintenance. Make a pre-trip checklist and do an inspection every time you get behind the wheel. Utilize these safety tips to ensure the proper maintenance of your RV:

Have a plan if you do break down. Carry your cell phone and know the emergency numbers to call. Also leave your itinerary with relatives or friends in case of emergency.

Adjust for weather. Heavy winds, rain, fog, and ice make RV driving treacherous. If possible, plan your trip to avoid bad weather or factor in extra time so you can delay travel if necessary.

Always wear safety belts. Passengers should be belted in also. Laws don't require RV's to have safety belts in all areas where passengers can sit, but it is better to be safe so buckle up!

Most common causes of RV accidents include:

For more RV safety information visit Geico.

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Special thanks for supporting Oregon’s state parks in 2011!

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